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Today is Day 2 of the second annual Minghella Film Festival. The events include a screening of What If It's Raining? (1986), a reading of Cigarettes and Chocolate, and much more. Day 1 had screenings of Bruce Webb's The Be All and End All and Sam Taylor-Wood's Love You More. Go here for the complete schedule and events.

More McCall Smith on Anthony:

Anthony came to Botswana not as a European or a big shot film director, benevolently bestowing his largesse on the locals, but as a genuinely curious person, wanting to know more about the traditions and lives of the people.

I was very kindly asked to direct a short segment of the movie. Anthony put his arm around me and told me to shout ACTION when he would dig me in the ribs and to shout CUT when he did that again. I didn't know that movie people actually did shout things like that. So anyway, I did as I was told. The scene I had to "direct" involved a donkey that had wandered into Mma Ramotswe's office just before she was moving in for the first time. Now I don't know if you know this, but apparently in Africa, there are what are called..... "Donkey Whisperers"... Yes, there are. So our donkey whisperer whispered something in the ear of the donkey, and made him walk along the room. The donkey eventually stopped in the middle and started chewing on some of the paper strewn on the floor. I said CUT, and that was the end of my directing career. The scene was finally cut out of the final version.

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